Why are The Peach Truck peaches so much better than grocery store peaches? +

The Peach Truck peaches surpass grocery store peaches because they are just hours off the tree when you eat them. Additionally, they’re picked when they’re ripe, and not a second before. Grocery store peaches can spend many, many days in distribution before making it to their final location, which is why their flavor and texture is so inconsistent.

What makes your Georgia peaches better than South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, or California peaches? +

When you think Georgia, you think peaches and vice versa. This is not a mistake. These other states may grow more peaches, but Georgia is where you will always get the best peach. Quality over quantity. The heat of the summer cooks the peach day and night ensuring the juiciest peach possible, the red Georgia clay helps retain water and nutrients that allow the tree to create the perfect peach, and they’re picked when they’re ready to be picked, not a second before.

Are your peaches Freestone peaches? +

Freestone peaches are typically picked in late June. The first peaches of the season are Clingstone peaches, meaning the flesh of the fruit clings fully to the pit. In early June we transition to Semi-Clings peaches, meaning the flesh of the peach comes mostly off the pit. Finally in late June the Freestone peaches arrive, this is when the flesh of the peach comes completely off the pit. Perfect for canning or freezing.

What variety of peaches do you grow? +

We harvest over 40 varieties of peaches from our first pick of the year, Flavorich, to the variety that made The Peach State famous, Elberta. We sell whatever variety was picked that day and is ready to be consumed. What variety is the best? The one that’s in your hand! A fresh peach is always the best peach!

Are your peaches Non-GMO or Organic? +

Our peaches are minimally treated. That means that treating the crop is always a last resort, never our first option. The farm does reserve the right, however, to protect the crop should it become vulnerable. The farm is GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified and it was the first peach farm in Georgia to receive that certification. That means that we have been recognized for not just the care of our wonderful fruit but also the care of the land and creating sustainable farming practices. Our peaches are, indeed, non-GMO.

Where are your peaches grown? +

Our peaches are grown in Ft. Valley, Georgia, the heart of Peach County.


Where can I find your peaches? +

In Nashville we would love to see you at one of 60+ weekly locations in and around Nashville from as far north as Hendersonville and as far south as Franklin. Check out our Nashville schedule to find out where we will be this week.

How do you sell your peaches? +

We sell our peaches by the 3 lb. bag for $9 or 25 lb half-bushel box for $45.

What forms of payment do you accept? +

We accept any major credit or debit card.

Do you offer wholesale pricing? +

Are you a restaurant or business? If so, please email wholesale@thepeachtruck.com about wholesale pricing and delivery details.

What would I do with a whole box of peaches? +

We recently launched The Peach Truck Cookbook with 100 delicious recipes for all things peach. We also have many fantastic recipes available at thepeachtruck.com/recipes. Share what you make -- we love hearing about the delicious meals made with our peaches!

The Peach Truck Tour

How do I buy peaches on the tour? Do I need to pre-order? +

Yes! Find one of our The Peach Truck Tour stops near you, Pre-Order all the peaches your heart desires. You’ll receive an email confirmation which you need when picking up your peaches. Bring your order confirmation with you (on your phone or printed out - your choice!) to your pre-selected location on the scheduled date and time to receive your peaches and enjoy!

Where does the tour go? +

The Peach Truck Tour currently spans across Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, bringing our neighbors this sweet treat each summer. This year, we’ll be visiting more than 400 locations in these states delivering peaches by the half-bushel (25 lb. box). For locations and dates check out the Tour Schedule.

What products are available at tour stops? +

On the Tour, peaches are available by the 25lb. half-bushel box for $43. We also have our delicious pecans available by the 10oz. bag for $10. They're shelled and halved and do not interact with any other nuts. Additionally, we have The Peach Truck Cookbook for $20 featuring 100 delicious recipes for all things peach.

What would I do with a whole box of peaches? +

We recently launched The Peach Truck Cookbook with 100 delicious recipes for all things peach. We also have many fantastic recipes available at thepeachtruck.com/recipes. Share what you make -- we love hearing about the delicious meals made with our peaches!

Do you ever run out of peaches? +

This Summer we are expecting a full crop, which means we won’t run out of peaches for customers who pre-order for pick-up at one of our tour stops! We hand pick peaches at the perfect time based on the number of pre-orders placed for each location. Pre-Order your peaches today and you can trust that we will have your boxes waiting for you!

My boxes don't seem completely full. Why? +

Not to worry, your box is full. The boxes are filled by weight, so no matter how many peaches are in there, you can be sure it’s 25 lbs. of peaches.

Home Delivery

Can I get my peaches shipped to me? +

Absolutely! We ship across the US all summer long, June-August. Currently we cannot ship to California, Arizona, Hawaii, or Alaska.

How are your peaches shipped? +

Our peaches are hand picked and placed in foam cartons to ensure safety for each of the 13 peaches.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped and received? +

You can pick the week you’d like to receive your peaches when you check out!

Can I enclose a gift message? +

Absolutely, we would love that. During the checkout process there is a message box where you can write your personal gift message.

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