How it works

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    The best peaches are hand-picked at the perfect time by family operated farms who bring intuition, thoughtfulness, and generations of knowledge to the practice of growing peaches.

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    With careful handling, peaches are shipped nationwide, across multiple states on our Tour, and at our many booths in Nashville within hours after being picked. Freshness is everything when it comes to peaches.

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    You get to enjoy the sweetest, juiciest peaches you’ve ever tasted. Every peach is backed by our Fresh & Juicy Guarantee, taking the guesswork out of buying peaches!

Farm Fresh

The South has a unique combination of rich soils and favorable climates to farm exceptional foods. Our dedicated and passionate growers work continuously toward sustainable, eco-conscious farming techniques that will keep producing the very best fruits today and for years to come.

The Peach Truck ®

If you aren’t on the farm picking your own peaches, there’s not a fresher peach in the country than from The Peach Truck. In partnership with our hometown farms, we pick the best peaches at the perfect time, handle and condition them with incredible care, and get them into customers’ hands only a few hours after being picked.

Freshness is always first!

Where to Get 'em

What People Say

“Thank you for the best peaches I have ever tasted!” - Audry R.

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“I was skeptical but those peaches didn't let me down. So much flavor. So much better than fruit you can buy at the grocery store.” - David C.

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“The fruit was large and unblemished. You should provide bibs with the gift boxes!” - Denise G.

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“Excellent from the quality to the packaging to the taste!” - Peggy R

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