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How It Works

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    Peaches are hand-picked by family operated farms in Georgia who bring intuition, thoughtfulness, and institutional knowledge to the practice of growing peaches.

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    Peaches are delivered to Nashville and surrounding areas and sold at booths throughout the city, often just 24 hours after being picked

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    You get to enjoy the natural sweetness of the best quality peach you didn’t know you were missing!

Since then, Jessica and Stephen have remained passionate about providing both their neighbors and far-flung fruit enthusiasts with the best peaches possible. During the summer season, you can find The Peach Truck on corners across Nashville, on tour in various states, or in packages delivered right to your porch. So now, no matter where you reside, you can indulge is the magic of fresh-picked Georgia peaches all summer long.
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Fair Warning: These Are The Best
Peaches You’ll Ever Have.

The best. Please don’t take that statement lightly.

Just think of the rich fragrance, the intoxicating sweetness which dances across your taste buds. Grab a couple paper towels, otherwise peach juice will be running down your forearms. Yes, these perfectly blushed, delicate desserts of nature are far superior than any other peach you’ll ever experience, and they’re only available mid-May through mid-August. It’s not a lot of time, we know, but that’s how you get the best.

Withdrawal symptoms are common, so please plan ahead and stock up accordingly.

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