Superjuicy, indescribably tender and more aromatic than any green-market peach you've ever tasted, the fruit sold by The Peach Truck has Nashville's best cooks swooning.

The Peach Truck is a simple, but extraordinary love story: a newly married couple who took a chance on a new business and a life together — and it worked, beautifully.

It’s rare for peach farmers to follow old-fashioned and sustainable ways of raising them because it’s very difficult, but you can smell and taste the difference. -Sean Brock

Everyone loves to be the hero. So I was pretty happy when I got to walk over to the ladies in the Epicurious Test Kitchen and tell them that they’d be the lucky recipients of a crate of genuine Georgia peaches, kindly brought over by the folks at The Peach Truck.

I knew right away [they] were special. I walked away not sure if I was woozy from the heat or tasting the most delicious, juiciest peach I had ever eaten.

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