Waiting On Peaches

We have been asked quite often, “What are you all doing after peach season?” Great question. Stephen and I talk quite often about our lives, as couples do. Conversations about what we want from this one life we have, our personal values, and wildest dreams.  The word freedom has always bubbled up in those moments. What is freedom? I think it can vary for each person and can change throughout one's life.  Stephen and I have yet to put a solid definition on what that looks like for us, yet we are close and that feels amazing. As we started this little business of selling peaches, we knew it would be seasonal and that excited us. Could we possibly work really, really hard with The Peach Truck for 7 months, then take some time off? We believe we can, because we are putting our mind to it and creating the life we want full of freedom!

We are right in the middle of this little experiment. We choose each day what direction we want to go with life. Stephen and I often talk about how each purchase we make takes us somewhere. You get a new piece of furniture, and it leads to 4 more pieces to make sure they all match. You get some new pants, and all of the sudden you need some shoes to go with them. Every purchase takes you somewhere. So what if we work really, really hard for the months leading up to and during peach season all while living simply? Could we take some time to see the world? Could we spend time with my family and friends in Seattle? We think yes. So after some much needed recovery time with loved ones, Stephen and I will be leaving the country to serve and learn. This is freedom for us. We have a passion to share stories that inspire us. One of those being the story of our family's 5th Generation Peach Farm. Other stories will inevitably be learned and shared along our journey this fall.

And at the end of the day, my deepest heart's desire is that none of this would seem or feel unattainable to those we share our lives with. I desire that this will give others the inspiration to really go after their own dreams. We wouldn’t be doing this without the courage of those that have shown us it is possible. One of those heroes is an author and world traveler Chris Guillebeau. Check out his books and insights to living the life you’ve always wanted.

Some of what we'll be doing this offseason include playing in the Northwest with my family, serving in India, and visiting our friends in Jordan to learn about all that is happening with the civil war in Syria. Follow our friends, Collin and Mallory  as they move there to live among these beautiful refugees, to serve them, and share their stories.

Be encouraged. It’s your life, and you get to live it. See you along the way. 

until next time, 

~ jessica