Committing to Peaches.

Old image of a man standing next to an old truck

Since devoting ourselves full time to The Peach Truck, we've all had interesting experiences describing to people what we do. It goes something like this. You're at a party, and you meet someone new. You ask the normal "What do you do?" questions.

New friend: Hey! What do you do for a living?

Me: I sell Peaches.

New Friend: (Blank stare)

Me: My dear family friends have been farming peaches for 5 generations, and they grow the best peaches in the world. We are the fortunate ones who get the opportunity to represent them and bring their amazing fruit to Nashville and the rest of the country.

New Friend: So, you're like one of those roadside fruit people?

Me: Sure!

It's been a super vulnerable experience moving into pursuing The Peach Truck full time. For whatever reason, when we first made the jump, we found ourselves caring what pure strangers thought about what we're giving our life's work to.

But as time has gone on, our confidence continues to grow. We get to tell one of the best stories out there. We get to promote our family's passion of growing the best peaches in the world. We get to bring this gift of nature to our friends and family in Nashville and beyond. We get to do what we love every single day. And we're very proud of that fact.

Whatever it is you give your life to, be confident in it. Love it. And if you don't, find something else to do! Life is too short to not love what you give the majority of your life to.

So here's to fresh peaches. And the beauty that life brings us when we follow our dreams and operate within our passions.

-Stephen K. Rose