This isn’t a story about a business or a truck ... or even a peach.

This is a love story.

It Was Love at First Sight.

The moment we first saw that ‘64 Jeep Gladiator we were smitten. It was forest-green, in desperate need of a new clutch, and all ours. We just moved to Nashville and the Gladiator solved Stephen’s first problem, which was transportation.

The second problem, however, was harder to solve.

The Peach Problem

Stephen missed peaches. A lot. This wasn’t just an occasional craving, Stephen was well-and-truly homesick for the perfectly ripened, juicy fruit he grew up with in his hometown. Fresh peaches are an essential ingredient of summer! The pale, bland imposters that filled grocery stores were a constant disappointment.

So, we dreamt and planned.

The Peach Truck

In 2012, we partnered with Stephen’s hometown farm and loaded up the Gladiator with hand-picked, just-off-the-tree peaches. There is no substitute for fresh. Customers quickly understood our obsession and ate 10 tons of our brown-bagged peaches in just five weeks! Our family grew, and so did The Peach Truck. We discovered just how many of Mother Nature’s foods tasted infinitely better with extra care and fast delivery. With the generous support of our fans, you can now find our products in 60+ booths across Nashville, 25 state tours, or at your front door with nationwide shipping. We invite you to experience the difference of freshness and share with joy!

– Jessica & Stephen Rose