The story of a special truck.

It all started with a problem. Stephen was in need of a new car. His car had passenger side issues; a door that wouldn’t close and a dashboard leak. Needless to say, his passengers were miserable. 

I (Jessica) wanted him to get a truck, because you never know when you might need one (so practical). Stephen, on the other hand, wanted a Jeep (so fun)!

One fateful evening after work, Stephen asked me to come check out an old truck with him. Honestly, I was hesitant. Ultimately, Stephen needed a commuter car, not a cool old truck...but off we went. We pulled up to the Home Depot parking lot and there it was - the ’64 Jeep Gladiator! As I walked around the sweet thing, I felt as if it was about to talk to me. That grill and those headlights - it was like seeing a member of the family!

We “took it for a ride” in the parking lot and discovered three things. 

- It needed some tender loving care and a new clutch desperately.

- We had a lot to learn from our new friend.

- We were falling in love and couldn’t help it.

After the drive we talked money. Their price was too high with the obvious clutch repairs in the near future. And we couldn't justify spending a lot, especially on a truck that might not get Stephen to work each day.

And then a miracle happened.   

Stephen reminded the gentleman that he had said he might be interested in a swap if it was the right car. So Stephen shared that he had a 1995 Ford Thunderbird, with a leak and a door that won’t shut. At that moment the man’s eyes lit up.

“I love T-Birds!” 

And the rest is history.  The next day Stephen and the gentleman swapped cars and the Jeep was ours. Stephen drove the Gladiator for 8 months as a commuter car. Slow and steady, topping out at 52 mph up and down I-65. He loved every minute of it. 

A few months later we birthed the idea for peaches in Nashville, and our Jeep Truck became The Peach Truck. He is a part of the family; we love him dearly and have been through a lot together.  

Stephen's first few days with the Gladiator. (No sideboards yet)

Our Wedding. The Peach Truck was so handsome that day. We took communion off his hood. 

Our first year of peaches. The Peach Truck got a lot of compliments.


Our nephew, Will always wants to drive The Peach Truck! (I'm obsessed with him)


Recently, being so patient for summer!

He is our gentle giant, The Gladiator, and we love him so. 


until next time 

~ jessica 

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