Peach Week Restaurant Partners


We are so excited that Peach Week is here. A full week dedicated to all things peaches is pretty much a dream come true for us. And for you to be involved - icing on the peach-flavored cake! Thank you for your support of The Peach Truck and of our first Peach Week.

We want to support you as much as we can this week! We have put together some marketing assets, and we hope you’ll use them on your own channels. Here’s what you can expect!

  • Peach Week Poster: We will bring 2 posters with your peach delivery the week of 7/18. Please display in your restaurant to help spread the word that Peach Week is coming! If you need more, let us know, or download the poster art for the link below.

  • Social Media: We have created some sample social media posts and graphics for you to use. You'll find those in the media kit at the link below. Feel free to share on your own social media channels in addition to your own content. We’d love to see your completed dish shared on social media as well. Just tag us @ThePeachTruck and use #PeachWeek.

  • Email: We have also included a sample email template for email marketing in the media kit. We are also more than happy to send an email for you if you want to explore that as an option. Let us know if you want more partnership on this piece!

  • Logos: Our print-ready and digital-ready logos are also available in the media kit below. We encourage you to add our logo to your menu for the week!

  • Stickers: Your guests are always in for a treat when they come to see you. But to help commemorate Peach Week just a little more, we’d love to give them a Peach Truck sticker with their check at the end of their meal. We will be bringing these to your restaurant between Friday, 7/22 - Sunday, 7/24. You’ll receive two different sticker designs, but please give one sticker per check.

Again, thank you for your support. If you have any questions or need any additional support, please let us know! You can contact Jackie Anderson at

Restaurant Media Kit

Use the links belows to download our The Peach Truck logos and view our example email and social media post.

Download Peach Truck Logos

Download Official Poster

View Email Template

View Social Media Template