Fresh Peach Summer Rolls

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Fresh Peach Summer Rolls

Inspired by the bright flavors of Vietnamese summer rolls, these kid-friendly healthy snacks are easy to prepare and customize with your favorite mix of fresh herbs and summer vegetables and a simple dipping sauce on the side. It’s best to prep all the components ahead of time, as once you dip a rice paper wrapper in water, you’ll need to move quickly to assemble. The rice paper wrappers can be found in most Asian grocery stores.

fresh peaches
rice paper wrappers
fresh mint
fresh Thai basil
fresh cilantro
dipping sauce (see recipe below)

2 T fresh lime juice
2 T seasoned rice wine vinegar
2 T honey
a few drops toasted sesame oil

Blend together the dipping sauce and set aside. Prep the components of the spring rolls by washing and pitting the peaches and slicing into thin slices. Cut cucumber and jicama into thin strips. Pluck the leaves from the fresh herbs and set aside.

To assemble the rolls, start by placing a clean damp towel on your work surface and fill a large, shallow dish with room temperature water. Working with one wrapper at a time, submerge it in the water and place it flat on the damp towel. Quickly place a few peach slices in a row just above the center of the wrapper, leaving about 1 ½ inches of space on the sides. Layer a few pinches of cucumber and jicama on the peaches and place leaves of mint, basil and cilantro on top. Fold the bottom half of the wrapper over to cover the filling. Holding it firmly in your hand, fold the sides over the filling. Press firmly to hold the filling in place while you roll the entire wrapper from the bottom up. Place on a platter and cover loosely with plastic wrap while you continue assembling the rolls.

Serve with a side of the dipping sauce.