What Has a Peach Meant to You?

Two women hugging at an outdoor event

One of our favorite things about peach season is hearing the stories behind the peaches. Food creates memories. Peaches can elicit an emotional reaction, taking us to times in life that are rich and sacred. The human stories behind each peach are truly a gift. From a taste that brings back a simple memory with a grandparent, to a box given to new parents celebrating the birth of their first baby. For teammates after a tough game, and colleagues after a successful launch. From lazy summer nights to the finale to a well-run race. 

For us, it’s a remembrance of so many moments of pure happiness. It’s my childhood - walking the orchard and eating a peach right off of the tree. It’s seeing our kids covered in the sweet stickiness of peach juice on our front porch and the glee they had in being showered off with the garden hose. It’s community. It’s bringing people together. It’s peace. It’s summer.
What has a peach meant to you?