Our Last Week

We've had about a month of space since the end of peach season, and now I want to go back and celebrate such a wonderful summer of Georgia peaches. This was such an all consuming time for us, and yet it feels like distant dream in this moment.  We are grateful for the space to reflect and rest, but don't be misled...we will be ready soon enough to dream of all things peaches!


Sliced peaches in front of a The Peach Truck logo in wood
Peaches in a bowl at an event with The Peach Truck
Freshly sliced peaches on a cutting board


A station wagon selling peaches out of its trunk
Customers waiting in line to get their peaches
Woman choosing her bag of peaches from a table


Rows of paper bags for The Peach Truck products
Customers smiling with our team member
Fresh Georgia peaches being sold in a supermarket


Cardboard box filled with ripe peaches
Little girl carefully eating a peach outside


A bowl of peaches on the hood of an old truck


Peaches being sliced on a cutting board for a picnic
Pecans spilling from a mason jar
Neatly organized box of peaches


Our team member laughing while conversing with a customer
Man in a buttoned-up shirt smiling

Such a cute guy!