Uncle Al. A 4th Generation Peach Farmer.

Last year Stephen, a few friends, and I took a trip to the farm to talk history and share stories with this amazing family of peach farmers. Our dear friend Al graciously gave us his thoughts for quite some time and we were able to record a lot of wonderful information about being a peach farmer, and the touching stories that follow about growing up on the very land we stood. He was the first of many family members that shared that day. It was a rich experience. 

So now having these recorded, it has been a challenge to pick just a few short clips to share. But I think I have four that over the next few weeks I want to share as peach season approaches. It will be the perfect way to celebrate those first fruits arriving. 

I hope these short videos will give an insight to all that goes into growing these peaches into the treasure that they are. Years of love and thoughtfulness have gone into each peach and the passion behind this farm and family is simply beautiful. 

So Act I. Here's Al sharing a memory about growing up on the farm and the techniques he uses as a 4th generation peach farmer.