5 Generations of Sustainability

There aren’t many 5th Generation farms around these days. Farming’s hard work. It’s unpredictable. It’s often not very profitable. And there are many reasons why Pearson Farm has thrived through the last hundred plus years.

For 5 Generations, Pearson Farm has lived in a balance: How do I grow the best peaches and pecans possible to sustain my family, while keeping the next generation in mind?

Soil only has so many nutrients. And if you suck the life out of it, you ruin the opportunity to grow future crops. If any of the previous 4 generations had chosen to get every little bit of life out of a plot of land (which is not an uncommon practice), we wouldn’t have the farm we do today. Each generation has chosen to farm in a sustainable manner. Each generation has chosen to replenish the soil rather than take from it.

That’s why we’re so grateful for the tradition we get to be a part of. There aren’t many businesses that have a history like Pearson Farm. There’s story after story after story of times when it would have been very reasonable to pack it in and quit. But day after day, our family chooses to come back and get after it again.

We’re grateful to be a small part of this vast, rich, sustainable history that is Pearson Farm.