Gluten Free Peaches & Cream Cottage Cheese Pancakes

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Gluten Free Peaches & Cream Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Serves 2

Like a cross between a crepe and a pancake, these delightful breakfast cakes are sure to become a breakfast and brunch favorite. While this recipe is gluten-free, you can also make by substituting the gluten free flour with all-purpose flour. The batter is easily made in advance and will keep several days under refrigeration.

2 fresh peaches
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
sweetened whipped cream
4 eggs
½ cup gluten-free flour
½ cup cottage cheese
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp granulated sugar
butter for cooking pancakes

Begin by washing, pitting and thinly slicing the peaches before tossing them with maple syrup. Set aside. 

In a medium mixing bowl, lightly whip eggs, sugar and vanilla until combined. Whisk in gluten free flour until smooth. Add cottage cheese and stir to combine. 

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Grease the pan with butter and spoon a few tablespoons of pancake batter on to the pan. Cook until the batter begins to firm up before flipping to cook the other side. 

Once pancakes are cooked, layer with peaches and top with whipped cream.

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