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The Sauce Trio

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These limited edition, small-batch salsa and sauces add a peachy kick to your summer cookouts. We’ve combined fresh peaches with just the right spices to liven up your favorite savory dishes. The Sauce Trio includes:

Signature Peach Salsa - A gorgeous blend of sweet & spicy. This salsas sets the table with yummy peach chunks you can see and a spice you can't deny. Grab an extra bag of chips and dig in! 19oz.

Habanero Peach Hot Sauce - This sweet heat is hard to resist with a blend of peaches, vinegar, habanero pepper, brown sugar, and spices. Perfect on fish tacos, chicken, pork, eggs… just about anything! 5.75oz.

Signature Peach BBQ Sauce - Great meats deserve an impeccable BBQ sauce. We’ve reached the right vinegar/tomato balance with an added mix of peaches and spices. Perfect on wings, ribs, burgers, vegetables, or on its own. It's that good! 15oz.