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Heat Lover’s Trio

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There’s a new trio in town! The perfect gift to kick things up a notch—Jalapeno Jam, Habanero Hot Sauce, and our Signature Peach Salsa! All three are a unique and masterful blend of sweetness of The Peach Truck peaches and heat! Packed in a holiday gift box.

JALAPEÑO PEACH JAM is our take on pepper jelly, yet still leads with that incredible taste of Fresh Georgia Peaches and gives you a nice little kick at the end. Spread it over a pork loin or on some cream cheese and crackers!

SIGNATURE PEACH SALSA - A gorgeous blend of sweet & spicy. This salsa sets the table with yummy peach chunks you can see and a spice you can't deny. Grab an extra bag of chips and dig in!

HABANERO PEACH HOT SAUCE - This sweet heat is hard to resist with a blend of peaches, vinegar, habanero pepper, brown sugar, and spices. Perfect on fish tacos, chicken, pork, eggs… just about anything