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Gift Ultimate

Gift Ultimate
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Gift Ultimate

Retails for $129 when purchased separately. Save $39 by purchasing together!

The Ultimate taste of summer for the holidays (and beyond!) This gift box includes: The Peach Cobbler Kit, The Jam Trio, The Summer Trio, and The Georgia Pecan Trio. 

THE PEACH COBBLER KIT is our go-to dessert, full of peaches from this Summer's crop. Just add milk, butter, and maybe even a scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. You're tastebuds will thank you!

THE SIGNATURE PEACH JAM captures summer in a jar as the perfect fruity accompaniment to your morning toast or bagel, enjoy summer's bounty all year long.

THE BOURBON PEACH JAM has a hint of bourbon with some notes of brown sugar and butter. Need we say more?

THE JALAPEÑO PEACH JAM is our take on pepper jelly, yet still leads with that incredible taste of Fresh Georgia Peaches and gives you a nice little kick at the end. Spread it over a pork loin or on some cream cheese and crackers!

SIGNATURE PEACH SALSA provides the perfect blend of sweet & spicy, with Fresh Georgia Peaches you can see and a spice you can't deny. Grab a chip (or a bag) and dig in!

HABANERO PEACH HOT SAUCE - A blend of peaches, vinegar, habanero pepper, brown sugar, and spices creating a sweet heat that's hard to resist. Perfect on fish tacos, chicken, pork, eggs....just about anything!

SIGNATURE PEACH BBQ SAUCE - May solve the great barbecue debate (vinegar-based vs tomato-based). With a mix of tomato, cider vinegar, peaches and spices, it's perfect on wings, ribs, burgers, vegetables, or on its own. It's that good! 

GEORGIA PECANS - These straight-from-Georgia raw pecans are grown in perfect conditions to produce a naturally smooth and creamy flavor, and are packed with antioxidants. These raw pecans don't need to be rolled in sugar or coated in salt to be absolutely delicious.

ROASTED & SALTED - Our pecans are freshly harvested and shelled, then roasted and lightly salted. Perfect for healthy snacking, grab a handful, sprinkle on salads for a salty crunch, or take them on the road for a satisfying snack packed with protein.

GINGERBREAD - Seasoned and roasted with the perfect amounts of cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and salt, our Gingerbread Pecans create a crunchy glaze sure to leave you grabbing for more. Celebrate every season with our holiday classic.

Raw pecans are processed in a dedicated facility and are free from cross-contamination. Roasted & Salted and Gingerbread pecans are cooked in a facility that handles peanuts and tree nuts.