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Signature Biscuit + Jam Bundle

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Choose your jam flavors!:

Peanut butter and jelly, fluffy southern biscuits and our tasty trio of peach jams . . . some things are just made for each other!

This bundle combines our brand new Signature Biscuit Mix Trio and a Peach Jam Trio! Choose your flavors below for the perfect combination.

SIGNATURE BISCUIT MIX TRIO - A southern meal isn’t complete until biscuits are on the table. The rich, buttery flavors of our new Signature Biscuit Mix taste like they’re made from scratch, without all the work! All it takes is a little milk, oil, and fifteen minutes for perfectly flaky, golden biscuits. Includes three 11.5oz. biscuit mixes; each makes approx. 8 biscuits.

SIGNATURE PEACH JAM - The sweet tang of summer captured in a jar. This jam is the perfect fruity accompaniment to your morning toast, bagel or biscuit. Enjoy all year long. 10oz.  

BOURBON PEACH JAM - Peach meets a hint of bourbon with subtle notes of brown sugar and butter. Apply liberally to any flakey pastry. 10oz.

JALAPEÑO PEACH JAM - Our take on pepper jelly. Sweet flavors of peach lead before jalapeños join in with a spicy little kick at the end. Spread it over a pork loin or on cream cheese and crackers. 10oz.