These aren’t cute . . .

While our peaches may be known for their blushing beauty, satsumas are . . . well, not the prettiest fruit. Like our peaches, The Peach Truck satsumas are the freshest winter citrus you can get your hands on. They’re never dyed or waxed, (like those not-so-ugly grocery store oranges) and easy-to-peel, with minimal—if any—seeds!

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Mother Nature’s winter citrus treat delivered to your door. Starting at $42.

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They were extremely juicy and very flavorful. Easy to peel and a very pleasant treat. Would definitely purchase again.

Angelica V.
1 / 5

They are so yummy. I ate 4 as soon as I opened the box.

Karla P.
2 / 5

Gave a box to my daughter and her family. They ate most of them in a day they liked them so much.

Catherine T.
3 / 5

I will definitely buy these next year! What a treat.... so juicy!!

Heather G.
4 / 5

Taste the difference in every bite.

Since 2012, The Peach Truck has delivered millions of peaches across the country. The gourmet quality of our fruit comes from our obsession with the details. Unlike grocery stores, our produce is hand-picked and handled with extreme care until being delivered to you—just as Mother Nature intended. Taste the difference of FRESH!

• Squishy, mushy, and gushy. Satsumas have a loose outer peel and are packed with juice, hence the squish.
• Brown and green oranges? Yep! Quite the fashion statement, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts!
• Satsumas are a delicate and delicious gift from Mother Nature with a mild, sweet flavor without the typical acidic punch of other citrus fruits.

Freshness Guarantee

Feel confident about your order. If your satsumas aren’t absolutely fresh, we’ll make it right!