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The Peach Truck Tour brings hand-picked fresh summer peaches to cities in nearly 30 states all summer long. Just pre-order your very own 25 lb box of peaches, and pickup at a location near you this summer!


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Peaches Like You've Never Tasted

At The Peach Truck, we know that not every peach is created equal. We work with the best growers in the southeast to ensure only the best peaches make it in to our boxes - and into your hands!

Our peaches are hand-picked, packed, and heading your way within 24 hours, to arrive to you in peak condition. The freshest peaches you can get, without picking them yourself.


Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews

What does a Peach Truck Peach taste like?

“Super juicy, indescribably tender and more aromatic than any green-market peach you've ever tasted, the fruit sold by The Peach Truck has Nashville's best cooks swooning.“

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“What a peach is supposed to taste like.” - John T.

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“It is like eating a peach right off the tree.” - Patty C.

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“It reminded me of how peaches tasted in my childhood - juicy and sweet!” - Gina D.

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What Do We Offer?

25 lb. Box of Peaches
25 lb. Box of Peaches
42434 reviews
The Special (Two Boxes of Peaches & Two Bags of Pecans)
The Special (Two Boxes of Peaches & Two Bags of Pecans)
7080 reviews
10 oz. Bag of Pecans
10 oz. Bag of Pecans
3259 reviews


Can’t Make A Tour Stop?

If you don't see a tour stop in your town this year, don't worry - we've got you covered! Explore our options for convenient delivery right to your door.

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Freshness Guarantee

The quality of our products comes from our passion for the details—you can taste the difference in every bite! Feel confident about every piece of fruit, knowing that if there’s ever an issue with the quality of your order, we’ll make it right.

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