The real difference in our apples.

 Real difference

When it comes to ours vs. what you find in the grocery store, we’re not actually comparing apples to apples. Let us explain…

The apples you see in the grocery store were picked months ago. Because they have to worry about things like shelf life and storage, they actually pick apples way before they are ripe and ready. Then they allow them to continue to ripen in dark, cold storage. By the time they make it to the shelf, they could be up to a year old! This is great for longer shelf life, but it’s not so great for taste. 

We pick all of our fruit when it is tree-ripened. This means each beautiful piece of fruit is allowed to stay on the tree to ripen in nature, just as Mother Nature intended. We wait until the fruit is at peak ripeness, and then pick it and get it in your hands within days. So when you taste an apple from The Peach Truck, you are experiencing what an apple was meant to taste like! Just like you have come to expect from our peaches. Because we get the fruit to you so fast, we don’t have to worry about pesky things like shelf life and storage! 

Grocery stores also put their apples through all kinds of ringers, including being waxed. They do this to lock in moisture to give them longer shelf life and also just for looks. Sure, this may make them look a little more shiny under those fluorescent lights, but does it help with taste? No way! We love the skin our apples are in! 


 ❌ Picked up to a year ago.

❌ Ripened in cold, dark storage.

❌ Unnecessary waxing to add shine. 


✅ Picked and shipped within days.

✅ Tree-ripened.

✅ Unwaxed, just like they come from the tree. 

You truly can taste the difference. In fact, most people have never tasted a truly fresh apple, picked at just the right time! We are honored to eat fresh, in-season fruit with you all year long!

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