Saying goodbye to 2016's peach season.

Every year, we plan and dream of what the upcoming peach season will look like. We plan, prep, and get super excited for all the new things coming. There’s a sense in the air that we’ve got this…this year will be so much easier than the last. We’re learning and growing. It’s our 5th season. What can go wrong? Then the peaches are picked and we bring them to Nashville. The beginning of peach season is always full of excitement. We can’t believe we get to call this work!

A few weeks pass, and the heat of summer really starts to kick in. Visions of warm days at a farmers market sipping sweet tea feel like a far off dream, and a “13 week season” sounds more like a marathon than a sprint. Oh the continual baptism into this very real reality that peaches are dreamy AND demanding.

You would think that after 5 years we would understand this business, but as usual there is a sweet sobriety to this endeavor that kind of kicks you in the ass every year. Basically, these peaches own us. As much as we prep and plan and try with insane passion and focus to simplify and streamline processes, each summer has its new set of issues and problems to be solved. Heat waves, severe thunderstorms, and everything in between. New surprises and situations that need to be understood and handled properly and in a timely manner.

It drives us to a place of acceptance. Acceptance that in order to be great…like high quality every time, treating each person with respect and love, making things right for your team and your customers, being relevant. And the basics, like doing what you say you will do…you have to show up each day and work hard with relentless drive and focus. Welcome to business 101. There are zero short cuts to truly being great. And when you get there, you’ll still not be there. There’s always more to do and other ways to be better.

Do I sound like I’m complaining? I’m absolutely not. This post is for our team. For our team that started with Stephen and me in the summer of 2013. When we asked friends to help sling around town as we started growing this side hobby. This post is for every team from 2013 until now. It takes trusting people to make something beautiful. I truly Believe The Peach Truck is a beautiful addition to summer. From the fruit itself to the warmth of our service, I’m proud to say we are a good thing, and it’s because of the good people we have on our team summer after summer.

So, to you, Peach Truck team members past and present:

Thank you for your never-ending passion and relentless hard work every day, with every location, every email and customer, every farm to porch box, every detail, every request, and every single peach. You are The Peach Truck, and when you’re old and grey walking a market with your grandchildren, remember us and how grateful we are for your blood, sweat, and sometimes tears on those hot summer days. And tell those grand babies a few peach fun facts regardless of whether they’re listening. You’re a peach expert and you’ve got to pass this peach education along!

Stephen and I love you all so much and are deeply moved by your service to the peaches and our customers over these years! There is no way we could have made it here without each of you. With deepest admiration from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!

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