2022 Fall Harvest Season Featured Apple Varieties

When it comes to farming and growing fresh fruit, no two years are the same. Some years are warmer than others, some are drier, while others may be cooler and wetter. This means that each season of each year is a true adventure that can lead to different results!

We curated the 3 tastiest apple varieties from this season’s apples grown in the perfect Lake Chelan, Washington climate. We’re bringing you the best of the best!

2022 Featured Varieties

1. The Honeycrisp.

This variety is the perfect raw apple. They are fantastically crisp with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. You’ll notice a light and sweet berry flavor. They have unique coloring - bright crimson and a rich chartreuse - and are juicier and crunchier than other premium apples.

2. The Ambrosia.

Refreshing with some floral notes, these apples are pleasantly crisp and also great for eating raw. Very sweet and with very little acidity, these apples naturally do not brown quickly after being sliced. Their pinky red and yellow hue makes them both pretty and tasty. 

3. The Granny Smith. 

Our favorite baking apple! These are crisp, tart, and firm, so they maintain their texture when baked. Their sharp flavor is so refreshing and also works well in salads. With their bright green skin, they are unmistakable. 

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