Let's go to the Lake Chelan Valley!

Chelan Valley
If you’re wondering where the best apples in the world are grown, look no further! We found them in the Lake Chelan Valley in Washington state. The families behind Manson Growers discovered the world’s greatest place to grow apples over 100 years ago.  

In addition to the delicious apples, we couldn't believe the beauty and vastness of the valley. It is a special place for sure, and we are honored to bring you the best apples the Lake Chelan Valley has to offer. 

Any fruit you can get right off the tree is going to be better than from the grocery store. A lot of people say that apples from Michigan are the best you can get. But if you’re asking us where we stand on Michigan vs. Washington when it comes to apples, we’ll just let these incredible pictures from our last visit speak for themselves. We truly fell in love with this area of Washington!

The Lake Chelan Valley of Washington is home to a glacier-fed lake almost 500 meters deep. This crystal clear water feeds the apple trees just perfectly.

This pristine microclimate with its clean mountain air, lake water, and abundant sunshine produces apples like nowhere else on earth. (And is home to our new deer friends!)

We can't wait to go back!

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