With our offseason in full swing, our focus has been on rest and restoring.  Well, that and the fact that we just welcomed our twin boys into the world at the end of September and now have three kids under two years old in our house!  Life is such a wild ride! Always changing and always requiring our attention. 

Stephen and I are so grateful to have these new additions to our family and have had many talks about the new normal we are living in. Here we are with such a beautiful gift and learning to thrive (rather than just survive) has been the goal. So far, so good. But really they just eat and sleep so I’m not sure we are in the craziness just yet!

Anyways, this last peach season we celebrated our 5th season as The Peach Truck.  We have been moving towards that dream we had of freedom back in 2012 and have been building on it more and more over these years. This thing called seasonal living is a wonderful gift that we treasure, and yet like all things when it becomes normalized we can take advantage of it and lose our gratitude. This would be tragic.

We had a Skype conversation with our Core Team members the other day to catch up on offseason life. We shared our story about welcoming our boys, heard about travels taken, and honey do lists completed. It was a great time to reconnect in a more refreshed state. We talked about this seasonal living and how we each want to press into it. Being thoughtful about what feels meaningful and inspiring and what feels stagnant. The conversation was life giving and a clear reminder that people with great success in relationships, business, personal health, etc. didn’t happen to them. They were intentional and thoughtful. I want that for myself and our team. I want to be able to look back in five more years and see how much I have grown and changed for the better and from that living a richer more fulfilled life than ever. 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Stephen and I pause with deepest gratefulness for our three flourishing children and a team and community that love and inspire us to bust it every summer and provide Nashville and beyond with The Queen of Fruits, the Georgia Peach!

Where we are in life, a grateful heart is the perfect place to start any journey ahead!

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