25ish things about us

There were too many happy tears that came when I sat down to write this celebratory blog post about our wedding day and first year of marriage. My heart was busting at the seams with gratitude for my dear family and friends that made that day and our first year together so special.

I'd chip away at this post here and there as the weight of it grew. All of a sudden, Peach Season was upon us and hopes of finishing my now novel were lost. So today, a month after our one-year anniversary, I am still going to celebrate...but  it's quite abbreviated.

So...25ish things about us.

- She snacks on corn tortillas

- He requests happy hour margaritas everyday at 5pm, like clock work

- They sing in harmony in the car together as terrible as they can and think it’s hilarious

- He is the South

- She is the Northwest

- They talk about the future all the time

- His voice makes her smile

- She loves maps

- He loves using google maps

- He wants to name their kids after baseball players

- She’s not so sure about all that

- They hold hands in the morning

- Except on days when she is up early because she can never sleep in

- He is obsessed with the Atlanta Braves and Bourbon

- She thinks about organizing or consolidating things more than she wants to let on

- He takes naps

- He’s trying to teach her how to take naps

- They love creating beautiful things together

- He finds inspiration for others and their stories

- She finds refreshing from adventures outdoors

- She thinks he will be the best daddy ever!

- They have inside jokes that she has tried in larger circles. They don’t translate

- He just shakes his head as she attempts these jokes

- They both have a love and passion for Georgia Peaches

I love you Stephen K Rose. This first year has been beyond what I could have imagined in the greatest possible ways. I am so looking forward to living out our dreams together. (here come the tears…) For the all the days to come - may they be filled with love and grace and joy.

until next time,