A Happy Heart - Bill Hampton

This is Bill Hampton, our Peach Truck backbone and leader. When we launched into full Peach Truck focus back in February (aka, we both left our jobs), we did so with confidence due in large part to this man.


To be frank, Bill is a businessman. To be specific, Bill is an ideas guy with passion and energy to win and win big time after time. So when our paths crossed and interest in our little start up was expressed we (Stephen and I) were ecstatic. Sitting across the table from Bill at our home office on East Argyle Avenue for the last several months, I have learned more than I will be able to share in a blog post. Yesterday, in the middle of working on details that are necessary but tedious, Bill paused everything and we had what I have grown to call “family time”. He turned his computer around and had us watch an interview with Jack Welch on business.

After watching we talked candidly about our business, our desires, and what we need to strive for to be able to look up after a year or two and be proud of what we’ve created. Bill, as always, took the lead and shared which created a beautiful space for us to have a meaningful and life-giving conversation. What a gift to be known well even in the workplace! It was the most refreshing part of the day…a close second was our afternoon of shooting hoops!

This is what I have learned about Bill Hampton. He is who he is - a great leader and businessman, an even better Dad and husband, and a person that is honest and full of integrity and joy. I am so happy that my husband gets to hang out with Bill…what a great example for us to emulate.

Bill. Stephen and I are grateful for you and your amazing family.  Thank you for believing in us and showing us how to build something beautiful. Thank you for creating an honest workplace that is fun, exciting, and focused on succeeding in business and life dreams. We are grateful for you Bill! 


until next time,

~ jessica 


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