Spring has sprung

Every now and then, we'll have some guest posts here on the blog. This one happens to be from someone very close to me...my husband. Enjoy! -jessica


Nothing shifts my mood quite like the weather. It's not just about warmer air (though I do hate winter), it's about what the warmer weather brings. Open windows, morning coffee on the porch, nights at the baseball diamond, and yes...peaches.

Last night was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. I'm what you would call a huge Atlanta Braves fan. Some of my earliest memories are getting in the car from Fort Valley, GA and driving the 2.5 hours (seemed like an eternity) to watch Braves games with my family. My passion for the game and for all that comes with it has not changed. Spending time with friends watching a ballgame...I really don't think there's anything like it.

Spring also means peach season is near. This is our first season to fully invest our lives into peaches. The tension of unbelievable excitement with near levels of anxiety are unlike anything I've experienced. I grew up with Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill relying on the peaches they grew as their sole source of providing for their family. But this is the first summer (as newlyweds, mind you) that we've chosen to do so. We are dependant on so much that is out of our control. The weather, the farmers, the trucks, the soil...so many components. There's nothing in the world we'd rather be doing...yet it's such a great risk. We couldn't be more excited...yet there's so much to be done prior to peaches coming in late May. 

I've found that I get the most fulfillment out of life in that tension. The pendulum swings from one side to the other, yet we consistently love the decision we've made to follow our dreams. Life is much too short to live the status quo. We are choosing the most rewarding path over the easiest. Go and do the same. You'll never regret it.

-stephen k. rose