A Happy Heart - Chris Susi


This is our friend Chris Susi. Awesome husband, loving father, and baseball enthusiast.

This last week we met up with Chris across the street from his house at the local HS Baseball field. The Stratford HS Baseball team was having their first home game.

Chris did something profound and yet extremely natural for his character. To say the least, Chris loves baseball. Out of that love for the game, he offered his time to help the Stratford team. After seeing the field they would play on, Chris realized what he had to do. With no field maintenance experience under his belt, he sought the expertise of our local AAA Team, The Nashville Sounds grounds crew leader.

Many, many hours later, with a lot of hard work and dirt under his fingernails, Chris had truly transformed the field and become a member of Stratford Baseball community.

It was nothing short of amazing to see these high schoolers with brand new uniforms proudly playing this beautiful game on a beautiful new field.

Chris, we are grateful for you. Thanks for being a prime example of living out your passions and letting it lead you in such positive ways, whereever that may be.


Here's to a great season Stratford!

until next time,

~ jessica 

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