Let's Be Adventurers

Peach Season is far too short and the time between is an impatient waiting game. All we want is Fresh Georgia Peaches! Yet the soil, the trees, the farmers and everything in between needs a break to prepare for the next years' harvest. It is a beautiful picture of timing and the importance of action and rest.  So with this reality before us, Stephen and I have talked often about those months of waiting and what we would do with them. Asking ourself big questions like, how do we want to live our lives, what do we want to be doing or not doing, what do we value? In the off season do we work on another project, find part-time jobs, put all our time into growing The Peach Truck for the next year? What is best for us?

Well, what we discovered in those conversations is our deep desire to see the world, learn about other cultures and serve in one way or another. A life living fully and richly to us has family and friends, peaches (of course), and lots of adventures all mixed together!

So why wait to live out our dreams? It’s time now. So we have decided to spend some time abroad after Peach Season to travel the world and learn as much as it has to teach us.  Then we will eagerly return, prepare for our sweet peaches, and offer them again to our community for another wonderful Peach Season.

Our Itinerary:






Eastern and Western Europe...we'll see where the roads take us!

We are so excited to share two of our passions with you: peaches and adventures! We both have been able to travel a little here and there over the years, and are very excited to do this traveling together. We regard it as a complete honor to experience the world together and are eager to share with you all the stories along the way. 

But first, let's get to Peach Season! (mid-May thru mid-August)

until next time