Birthday Cake

For the past few months when I've asked Will, my nephew and big brother to be, about the new baby coming in mommy's tummy, he shouts in his two year old excited voice, "I stir, I stir". Will is talking about stirring the birthday cake that he wanted to make for new baby, because it will be its birthday. What a good big brother!

So this past week baby had its birthday and I had the privilege of being surrounded by love and support as a small group of inspiring women, my sister-in-law Ashley and my brother Mike, welcomed their baby into the world.  

When it came time for little one to come, I was utterly dumbfounded by Ashley’s strength and focus. She owned the whole process with confidence, faith, and true beauty. Step by step, she concord fear and pain. It was such an awe inspiring experience watching her overcome and trust her body to do what it knew to do. Before we knew it, baby had arrived! In those first few seconds after birth we were all breathless…baby was here, now we needed to hear that cry. And then it came loud and strong! That voice cried out with those God given vocal cords expressing its emotion.  What elation that followed! As the midwife brought baby up to Ashley she had the honor of sharing the wonderful news. They had had a boy! Ashley’s expression of euphoria combined with Mike’s apparent relief and utter joy at the thought of another healthy baby boy and healthy wife brought us all to tears. What a beautiful gift that revelation was in those precious moments, as mom and dad took in their new little one. They had another boy and he was perfect. The whole experience was surreal.

*Photo credit to the best doula I know, Que. Thank you for capturing this day.

We had all witnessed a miracle.  

Ashley and Shepherd, doing beautifully.

Micah Shepherd Nienaber was entrusted to us on March 14th at 8:20pm.

And so now with Shepherd, we will keep him in this sweet innocence as long as we can. As an infant, we’ll cradle this baby and rock him whispering sweet nothings of how much he is loved.  As a toddler running around bumping his knees and knocking his head, we will all the while pad him with his belovedness and tell him how good he is. And when he turns three and four we will try to keep him near pure innocence, where Shepherd can run free with nothing on and a peach in tow. Welcome Shepherd...we love you very much and are grateful to be a part of your delightful journey!

 Will stirring that cake mix.  Way to go Big Brother!


All the love we can muster to our new nephew Shepherd. 

Welcome sweet boy,

Uncle Stephen & Aunt Jessica  





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