Hello Monday!

Honestly, it doesn’t really feel like Monday. Life has been extra full lately, and I’m finding the weekends and weekdays blurring together. There are so many things to do and details to iron out that continually fill my mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the shallow view of the smallest details and not take the time to climb the mountain to see the view from above. As in most things, there needs to be balance. A time to buckle down and be accomplished and the foresight to stop, relax, and see what is happening and celebrate it. The practice of stopping is the challenge. When I do stop and reflect on life lately, it truly is exhilarating! Stephen and I are daily in the process of building a business and life that we have so desired. It really should take my breath away.

 So, how do you balance it all?

For me, it’s a daily challenge of transitioning my point of view. There is always something that needs my attention; this is just the nature of business. So I attempt (work in progress) two ways to balance this doing and stopping.

First, move as quickly through the small stuff as possible. If I let every detail pile on top of me and take mental space within me, I would turn into a heap of ruins. Yet if I ignore these nagging details, I won’t accomplish what I have set out to do. Moving through the details quickly is key to being free to focus on the greater picture.

Second, because again there is always something that needs attention, I’m practicing viewing my “work” differently. I don’t have to write this post. I get to write this post. This seems lame, but when I think back on all the jobs I’ve had over the years and where I am now, I’m so grateful for all the things I GET to do today. Changing my perspective is paramont. It grounds me and causes me to stop and celebrate the breathtaking view. Life is beautiful, what a shame to miss a single moment.

How do you find your balance?