The Perfect Shade of Peach

It's time for peach education! Here and there on the blog we will take some time to share more about this amazing fruit. Today is one of those days. 

When you hear the term "tree ripened," that means the peach was left on the tree to fully mature, changing from its green adolescent shade to its bountiful peach hue. Warning: many farms will pick their fruit when it is still green. This is not okay!

Now the fun part...the blush of a peach. The red and bright orange blush that you see on the peach comes from the sun. The exposure of the peach to sunlight brings out that multi colored peach shades. This is nature’s bonus to us. The peach is already mature and now the sun is kissing it and bringing out its natural beauty. Blush may cover a little or all of the peach depending on the access the sunlight gets to each peach and the different varieties of peach.

So when you find yourself with peach in hand this summer, remember to look before you take that bite. Look for where a leaf or two was shading that peach and where the sun had full access and gave it some blush. Then enjoy!

until next time

~ jessica 

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