The Peach Truck Family

Stephen K Rose - Kin to the farm and lover of the finer things in life (peaches are at the top of that list). When Stephen's not brewing the perfect pot of coffee, you will find him out and about shaking hands and holding babies. His heart is full of gratefulness, and his humility is unmatched (trust me...I’m his wife. I feel like I live with a saint).


Bill Hampton - What you see is what you get, and there is a lot to get from this man. People have said whatever he touches turns to gold, and this is no legend.  Our “secret weapon” joined the team and opened our eyes to the reality that we are on a mission. That mission is to share the beauty of Fresh Georgia Peaches with as many people as possible.  His integrity, business genius, and playful demeanor combine to create a rare skill set (and we get to hang out with him)!

Jessica Nienaber Rose - I am a Rose, but my roots are Nienaber...and if that sounds feminist to you, I'm okay with that :). As a native of Seattle, I find myself driving the roads of Nashville looking for Mt. Rainier along the horizon. Alas, it's just another cloud. If you ask me if I’m a Georgia Peach, I’ll say yes - I’ve been grafted in. At my core, I long for adventure and am grateful for the one I am on!


Amanda Hampton - Sugar, spice, and everything nice!  Watching Amanda live life with a full house (5 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 Bill Hampton), there is some sort of enchantment to her being.  She doesn’t just get through anything. She lives in the moment, taking in all the beauty and joy of her teens and toddlers, while being honest and truthful about the challenges at hand. I don't say this lightly...I want to be like her when I’m a mommy!

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