Our Values

We cultivate a personal experience with a beautiful fruit (The Georgia Peach) and share the stories of those who care for it.

At our core we value many things, but here are a few that rise to the top.


We never sacrifice quality for personal profit. Our peaches will be the best time after time. We are so grateful for a family of farmers that make that an easy claim to make!


The Peach Truck is a platform for sharing interesting stories.

We share the farm’s story. It's the story of a 5th generation peach farm in Georgia and the varieties they grow. Story and family are prominent in everything we do. We share our story, which includes the love between us and our love for the Georgia Peach. Ultimately, we share what inspires us.

Customer Experience:

We are never entitled to an individual’s decision to interact with us, and we take it seriously by providing a remarkable, authentic experience. We welcome you as a friend, becoming family along the way.


We are a part of our community, adding value to our neighbors’ lives. Connectedness matters deeply to us. Friendship and partnership with local businesses are the backbone to success.


We believe in the freedom entrepreneurialism brings, and want to inspire others to live their dreams. Freedom is paramount!

until next time.

~ jessica