We started The Peach Truck in 2012 with a simple vision. Get Pearson Farm's Fresh Georgia Peaches to folks right off the tree. The same way I ate them when I was a kid.

It started in Nashville, with our neighbors and friends. We partnered with amazing local stores and restaurants, and folks responded in a huge way. Brown paper bags and Fresh Georgia Peaches have become synonymous with a Nashville summer.

Next came The Freestone Tour. There's no way to describe our excitement to bring the same quality we're known for in Nashville to folks all over the South and Midwest. The same commitment remains. Get peaches fresh off the tree to as many folks as possible. It's been incredible.

And of course, Farm to Porch. We've said it 100 times and we still mean it. There's nothing more magical than knowing someone in Seattle or Chicago can get that same fresh peach delivered directly to their doorstep.


This month, another big dream of ours is being realized. We're taking the truck to New York City! New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, and we can't wait to share these beauties with the fine people who reside there. Here's what the schedule looks like:

Friday, July 17

3p-8p Berg’n - 899 Bergn St., Crown Heights

Saturday, July 18

10a-2p Wilma Jean - 345 Smith St,

10a-5p Fort Green Flea - 176 Lafayette Ave.

11a-6p Williamsburg Smorgasburg - East River State Park

3p-7p Urban Cowboy - 111 Powers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sunday, July 19

8a-8p Chelsea Market - 75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

10a-5p Williamsburg Flea - 50 Kent Ave.

11a-6p Brooklyn Bridge Park Smorgasburg - Pier 5, 304 Furman Street

New York. We're comin' for you. Spread the good word.

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