If your dad's anything like mine, he doesn't need a whole lot to be content. If his Father's Day consisted of playing with trains with his grandson, conducting a puppet show for his granddaughter, and falling asleep on the couch to the Braves game (a 3-2 win with the starter going 7 strong), he'd be the happiest man on earth.

My dad inspires me every day. We all know folks who get older and in turn get more stuck in their ways. That's not Greg Rose. He continues to grow and learn and engage culture and form his perspective on life. To see a 61 year old man continue to get better, and not regress, will stay with me for my entire life.

My dad's the guy who picked up 2 kids on the way to baseball practice because they didn't have rides. He's the guy who sees the good in everyone (this is literally the truth). He's the guy who stops  and helps when folks are broken down on the side of the road. He's the guy who always takes the road less traveled, even if we'll end up lost at sundown in the middle of the woods (hence my aversion to hiking to this day).

If ever I remind someone of my dad, I know I'm living life the right way.

All of that to say, with a dad like that, I didn't see a reason to add anything to the simple beauty of a box of 13 peaches for Father's Day. While my dad (and I'm assuming your dad) would appreciate something extra, the peaches themselves are all he needs.

So Happy Father's Day, Dad. Go ahead and add a couple peaches to that perfect day.

Order by 6am Central time June 11 to guarantee delivery by Father's Day. Include your note on the "Order Notes" section of the checkout and we'll make sure and include it in the box.

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