If you've been following along on Facebook and Twitter, you've probably noticed a lot of weather watching on our end.

Late March through Mid April is always a scary time. It's when the peach buds have bloomed, and they're most vulnerable to a late frost killing the crop. We've had nights where I literally woke up every hour checking the weather in Peach County. There are factors like how cold it is, how much rain we've gotten recently, what the wind looks like, how the humidity looks, and on and on it goes.

We got a frost a couple weeks ago that clipped us quite a bit more than we initially thought. At first glance, we thought we pulled through with very few issues. Then, as we continued to scout and inspect, it was apparent that we got hurt pretty bad. As in, 90% of our May and early June peaches were killed.

Can you imagine? You have an incredible winter. The best in years. You do your pruning perfectly. You invest a lot of money in new equipment and paying your team. And one morning 90% of your crop gets taken out. Ouch.

What's interesting is from Mid-June on, we have a 100% crop. It's bountiful. It's really going to feel like two separate seasons for us.

We are still planning to have peaches in Nashville on May 18th. The farm loves what we do and are going to make sure that whatever peaches are picked make it up to Nashville.

And what we know about these peaches that have made it through is that they'll be incredible. That cold winter provides great sugar levels, making for a sweet, sweet Georgia Peach.

It just means you'll have to get up a little earlier and be one of the first ones out to our booths. Sell outs will probably be the norm for the first half of our season, so plan accordingly!

Summer's coming. Can't wait to see all of you.


This little guy can't wait to grow up and be eaten in late May!

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