Starting clean


Yesterday was our first day back in the office. Our small team sat together and began to dream about what the summer of 2014 will look like. We talked about what was right about 2013. We talked about what was wrong about 2013. We decided what we'll keep doing and what we'll stop doing. We started to put the pieces of our framework together to make 2014 the best year we've had.

Seasonal business is something we're growing in to. And it's not for everybody. It can be an emotional roller coaster to be working non-stop for a season, then to just end all of a sudden. It's a weird feeling. Something Jessica and I noticed as we were traveling, though, is that seasonal business is not that uncommon around the world. There were many, many restaurants that had "Closed for the season" signs in their windows. They, at some point, decided it made more sense to close for the slow season than it did to stay open and have virtually no business.

This might sound cheesy, but something struck me while we were down on the farm this weekend. Nature ebbs and flows with the seasons. Right now, the peach trees are completely bare. No fruit. No leaves. Nothing. They're resting. They're getting cold hours. Come spring they'll bloom and in the summer they'll harvest beautiful, tasty peaches. But not before they rest.

For us, we love it. We love the flow of dreaming about a season, implementing those dreams during the summer, then taking time to reflect afterwards. Not many businesses get that luxury. Not many get to take the time to examine what happened and be still and just ponder on what it is you're doing. We feel so fortunate to have that opportunity.

So here we go! We're gearing up. We're making plans. Some will do great and some will flop. And that's the beauty of it all. We get to start clean. Another season of peaches will be here before we know it, and there's one thing you must know: we'll be ready.

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